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A stylized photo shoot is a popular trend that integrates different designs together in one picture to which there are many varieties. One example is having an elegantly dressed bride and groom pose in front of an old, weathered barn next one having children dress up in brightly colored adult-sized clothing – like high heels, long dresses, and pearls. Another example could be taken as " A black and white image of someone holding a flower, and colorizing only the flower". The possibilities for a stylized photo shoot are endless and can really help bring cheer and class to your yearbook.

The beautiful photos that comes out of a stylized shoot are just a bonus to everything else that is gained by creating one. You can have the most beautiful wedding photos in the world, but wedding photography is more than just pretty pictures, and if you don't have the other elements you won't be successful. If ever there were a time and moment worth investing in the services of a professional photographer or cinematographer, it is your wedding day!

Offering the classical beauty of traditional film techniques alongside the brilliance of modern digital technologies, we make the magic of your "once in a lifetime" event everlasting. Our aesthetic and candid approach seeks to embrace each heartfelt smile, every enchanting glance, and the unique human connection that spark, between you and your loved ones, guaranteeing you stunning bridal wedding photos that are brought to life.

The XIPHIAS Studios Company is a team of Professional Photojournalists, Photographers, Videographers and Visualizers bringing with them varied interests and skill sets that collaborate to document weddings in a unique and cohesive way. Our team comprises working professional photographers who are versatile and adaptable to capture the excitement, adrenaline and emotions that make up weddings.

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